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    Board Positions Available

    Good Evening Otters Families! We hope you have had a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year. We sure have missed seeing your smiling faces and we are SO excited that swim season begins in just a few months! At this time have some open board positions and we are hoping to find some parents that can fill in with the following positions:At this time, we have the Social Coordinator, Fundraising Coordinator, Volunteer Coordinator, Ribbons and Treasurer positions available. Below are brief descriptions of the duties for those positions:

    Social Coordinator – shall include any and all activities related to maintaining and elevating the character and spirit of the team in a manner consistent with the purpose of the Board. Specific duties include but are not limited to the following:

    a.Oversee the organization and planning of the pep rallies (appoint a volunteer)

    b. Plan and coordinate team and/or age group parties

    c.Organize and coordinate Blast Off party and End of Season banquet

    d.Arrange the annual team and individual pictures

    Fundraising Coordinator – shall be responsible for soliciting businesses and families to help raise money for the Village Otters Swim Team. Events such as parent, community and business sponsorships, team fundraiser and spirit nights.

    Volunteer Coordinator – shall be primarily responsible for developing and facilitating the volunteer program for the team and recruiting volunteers for the said program. Specific duties include but are not limited to:

    a.Attendance at the parents' meeting for the purpose of recruiting volunteers

    b.Update website volunteer templates before registration opens to ensure proper volunteer coverage

    c. Maintain the tracking system to track time worked by volunteers

    d.Advise and lead the board in making decisions regarding how many shifts are necessary for each family to volunteer based on the needs of the season.

    e.Be available for volunteers to check in with prior to volunteer shifts.

    f.Find volunteers to fill in empty volunteer shifts when necessary

    Head Ribbons – Shall include duties pertaining to the recognition of all swimmers on the Otter Swim Team. This includes but is not limited to the following:

    a.Place stickers on ribbons

    b.Oversee the distribution of all place ribbons

    c.Ordering of all ribbons for the coming season

    Treasurer – shall have primary responsibility for the management of all budgeting activity and bank accounts of the team. Various duties include but are not limited to the following:

    a.To prepare the annual budget

    b.To manage cash flow including deposits of the incomes and payments of debts and/or expenses associated with the operation of the team.

    c.To acquire appropriate signature authority(ies) on all bank accounts.

    d.To maintain checkbook

    e.To manage funds resulting from any fund-raising activities conducted by the Board

    f.To conduct a financial review and procure an independent review of the budget and bank accounts of the team once a year

    g.To submit appropriate government forms and tax payments associated with the coach’s compensation, if applicable.

    h.To provide a treasure’s report at all meetings of the Board.

    i.To assist the Concessions and Swim Shops in terms of managing funds resulting from sales of gear and concessions.

    j.Administration, receipt, and reconciliation of volunteer’s deposits

    We do ask that anyone who is interested in the treasurer position have been on the team for at least 2 seasons and have a background in financial work.

    We are excited for another season and look forward to hearing from you!!

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