We are Family!

We have been through amazing times together and trying times together. Right now, we have members of our family who are going through some of those trying times. In and attempt to extend a helping hand out to all of our families who were effected by the recent, historical flooding that Elm Grove, Sherwood Trails, and Hunter's Ridge experienced in the past few days, we are asking if our family can come together and help support members in need by donating gift cards and services. We will have a drop box and sign-up sheet available in the computer room during the meet. Come on by and drop off a gift card, or sign-up to offer services you may be able to provide. Board members will distribute the list of services and divide the gift cards evenly between all families effected.

Let's come together and show them how much we care about our Otteriffic Family! See you at the pool!

The Village Otter Board

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