Volunteer Sign Up

Hello VGO Parents, 

I hope all of you are as excited about the upcoming Village Otters season as I am. Please find some pertinent volunteer information below.

This year we will require 6 volunteer shifts per family to fulfill your volunteer obligation to the team.

Volunteer sign ups will open as follow:

Friday, April 11th - Season long and Week long jobs. If you take a Season long job, it counts for all of your volunteer shifts. If you are unable to make a swim meet, you MUST find a replacement to cover. Week long jobs count as one shift.

Monday, April 15th - the remainder of jobs will open and you may sign up for individual meets and events such as Blast Off party!

Please email me at volunteercoord.vgo@gmail.com should you have questions or want to request a specific job to do this season.

If you are unable to fulfill the required 6 jobs for the season the team will cash your volunteer check at the end of the season after divisionals.

I look forward to serving you as the teams volunteer coordinator and enjoying another great season with our Otterific family. Go Ortters!!!

Aggie Dellandre

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